Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con is an awesome event here in the state of Utah.  Ever since its start in 2013, Salt Lake Comic Con has become one of the most popular comic conventions in the United States and is only getting better as each new event happens.  I will talk about my experience at the most recent event which happened on January 29-31, 2015.IMG_0425

This event was the first event that I volunteered at.  Being a part of the volunteer crew was amazing and it gave me the opportunity to see the Con from a different perspective.  Being able to help all of my fellow geeks get to the places they wanted to go and see the people they wanted to see was truly special.  For anyone living in Utah, and for anyone where it is a convenient thing to do, I would highly recommend volunteering for Salt Lake Comic Con at least once.  You will gain an appreciation for how much work goes into the Con, you will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of panels or see special guests.  It’s a worthwhile experience.

Thankfully, while I was volunteering, I was able to explore the main hall where all the vendors and guests were located every time I had a break.  I had the special opportunity to meet Ralph Macchio, the original Karate Kid. IMG_0414 Easily one of the coolest people I have met at a Comic Convention.  We talked for a little bit and then I had my photo taken with him.  I also had the opportunity to meet Brandon Routh, well known for his part as Superman in Superman Returns as well as Ray Palmer in the TV show Arrow.  He was very friendly and when I asked about his role in Arrow, he shared small tidbits of spoiler info.  He obviously couldn’t go into too much detail, but he was happy to talk about the show.  I had him sign my collectors edition of the Superman Movies, which includes Superman Returns. IMG_0421

One of my favorite things about Salt Lake Comic Con is the artists that are able to attend.  I love the artwork that people do for these conventions and I always make sure to have a budget for two to three pieces of art. IMG_0417 Every artist that I have talked to is super cool and extremely passionate about what they do.  Artist Alley is the best feature of Salt Lake Comic Con and every attendee should make an effort to explore it at least once during their time at the Con. These are pictures of the pieces of art I purchased at this event (all specific to my man cave, which is filled with batman and superman stuff.).IMG_0418IMG_0419

Salt Lake Comic Con is also getting better at including vendors that are relevant to the comic genre.  There have been vendors for businesses that have had nothing to do with the Con, but this event there were significantly less of these, which is a great thing.  The vendors sell some pretty sweet stuff and are fun to take at least take a look at if one is not purchasing anything here.

A view of the vendor area from outside the main hall

A view of the vendor area from outside the main hall

Overall, this event was worthwhile and just excites me even more for the next event which happens in September of 2015.  What are your thoughts? If you attended this FanX in January, what are things you liked or disliked?  Feel free to comment!!

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